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Training Objectives

“How can I develop growth mindset and learn new techniques to increase my sales?”


Customer service professionals have frequent interactions with customers and has big influence over customer’s buying decision.


By understanding customer’s psychology, customer service professionals will be able to understand customer’s needs, illustrate key benefits and overcome objections to close more sales.   In fact, they will be able to turn customer interactions into selling opportunities!


The objective of the workshop is to equip every participant with a structured methodology and effective sales techniques to close more sales.

At the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

  • To develop growth mindset

  • Framework to sell more using consultative selling

  • How to understand customer’s needs and increase the customers’ buying desire

  • Techniques to convert objections into sales opportunities

  • Methods to close more sales

Training Outline

1) Develop Growth Mindset

  • Build growth mindset and resilience during uncertain time

  • Self-reflection: identify new skills to value-add in today’s economy

2) Essence Of Selling

  • Understand customer psychology and new ways of selling

  • Grasp the essence of consultative selling using PRAISE model

3) Preparation

  • Understand the three critical questions that every customer asks before making any purchase

  • Understand our products/ services unique selling propositions

4) Rapport Building

  • Be observant and start interesting conversation to understand customer’s current situation

  • Gain effective rapport using Neuro- Linguistic Programming techniques

5) Ask Good Questions To Uncover Customer's Needs

ask questions.png
  • Ask good questions to uncover customer’s needs

  • Sell something that customers never thought they need

6) Understand Psychology of Buying

psych of buying.png
  • Understand the three key forces that determine customer purchase

  • Assist customer to make the buying decision

7) Illustrate Features & Benefits

benefits and features.png
  • Capture customer’s attention through exciting benefits statement

  • Apply six proven methods to increase your persuasiveness

8) Settle Objections

settle disputes.png
  • Use the ice-burg concept to understand the real reasons underneath customer’s objections

  • Apply four-steps approach to handle objections

9) Insights To Different Customer Types

undertstand customers.png
  • Understand the four different types of buyers

  • Learn the effective approach to sell to the four different types of buyers

10) Establish Next Action

Next action.png
  • Articulate the benefits and urgency to take action

  • Five effective techniques to close the sales

11) Role Play

role play.png
  • Practice consultative selling using role play

  • Discover one’s strengths and areas of improvement during customer interactions

12) Personal Action Plan

action plan.png
  • Summarize the key learnings

  • Draft person action plan to apply the learnings at work

Training Methodology

The workshop is designed to deliver maximum result through experiential learning, case studies, group discussions, self-reflection and translation into actual action plan that can be applied immediately at work.

Target Audience

Front Service Professionals and Executives

Course Fee & Details

Fee : $420.00

Minimum Class Size : 10 pax

Mode of Delivery : Online via Zoom

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