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Safety Committee Members Training

Course Objective

  • Acquire the tools to apply and resolve conflicts in Safety and Health effectively

  • Perform the roles and functions of a Safety Committee effectively

  • Acquire the processes to identify workplace hazards and recommend effective measures to eliminate or control hazards

  • Acquire and apply skills for effective participation in Safety Committees

Target Audience


All Safety Committee members who are proficient in the English Language.

Course Outline

What is Safety & Health


  • Its importance at the workplace

  • The concept of Safety & Health and the tools for effective applications at the workplace

Roles and duties of Safety Committee members

  • WSH Act

  • Why Safety Committees Fail

  • How to use Safety Committees effectively

Identifying, Eliminating or Controlling of Hazards

  • Electrical, Fire, Health, Mechanical, Material Handling and Storage Hazards

Accident Prevention

  • What is an Accident

  • Unsafe acts and conditions and the identification of the root causes

  • The principles of accident prevention and their application

  • Tools for prioritizing safety issues

Skills for Effective Participation in the Safety Committee

  • The process, tools and skills for effective participation in Safety Committees



Besides lectures, videos, accident experiences and case studies will be used and discussed extensively

Course Fees​​

TABLE FOR FUNDING safety commitee member

Dates (2019) : 23-25 Apr or 14-16 Aug or  26-28 Nov

Duration : 3 day, 9am to 5pm (21 hours)

Course Venue : SNEF Corporate Learning @ Tanglin 


Veena DID: 6827 6973 / Training hotline: 6827 6927

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