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Equip your managers with
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Introducing Managing People, a new kind of management training.

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A new kind of management training

Managing People harnesses the power of high quality video production and dramatic scenarios to bring the role of leadership to life.

The series prepares a new manager for their role and develops the confidence of even the most experienced manager.

It’s all about people

Set in the fictional world of Rise and Dine Deli, Managing People engages learners through compelling interactive drama. Your managers will make decisions for Charlotte, a new outlet manager tasked with turning around an underperforming team of characters everyone will recognise! Leadership is developed through scenarios that focus on people not process, ensuring managers gain the skills they need to inspire and motivate their teams.

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A learner-centred design that works

Managing People uses a rich variety of media to maintain interest, support different styles of learning and to ensure knowledge is easily recalled at the time of need. Each course includes story-led video interactions, downloadable job aids and memorable animations that help consolidate learning.

Engaging, story-led episodes cover key management behaviours

Managers in every business face similar challenges and need the same people skills. You’ll be in the Rise and Dine Deli which offers hospitality with a diner area and a deli, retailing pre-packaged food and products for the home.

Episode 1 Preparation

Whether you’re new to your management role or already have experience you need to establish strong and clear leadership. A 100 Day Plan helps you…

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We’ll help you measure the Results and Return on Expectation

A step by step guide to measuring the impact of managing people on your organisation. We’ve been working on this for some time. It’s shaping up nicely and we’ve started pilots already.

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