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Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Contrary to popular belief, the knowledge bosses have are as good as what they are exposed daily. We do not blame them however, as their time are very much occupied to tackle the everyday challenging tasks at the workplace. By the time they are home, most would be too exhausted to keep themselves updated with the latest technology or hacks that might prove useful otherwise.

Here is where we come into the picture. Let us share some apps that will not only win hearts over, but garner a few impressed "wows" too. We are sure that with a bit of charm and satisfactory presentation, these apps will definitely impress even the most knowledgeable breed of bosses.


Scanning a document on a printer is very yesterday. Without the availability of that huge machinery, you can scan a document using just your mobile phone. Download and install Office Lens from your respective app store and scan any documents away. Not only does this app enable you to scan a paper document, it even allows to "scan" business cards and even whiteboard/screen. Forget the scanner in your office. Office lens is the way to go. You will soon find yourself scanning the business card and returning the card back to your vendor in your next meeting.


Google drive comes with a suite of individual apps to level up your productivity. Along with cloud saving, applications such as Google sheets or Google Docs allows collaboration work among multiple users. What this means is, you can start a spreadsheet and share the link with your fellow colleagues, for them to work on it simultaneously with you. The best bit about this whole thing is that because it is on the cloud, Google has seen fit to auto save the documents at every 2 seconds. In addition, documents uploaded into the Google Drive is accessible anywhere as long as you are connected to the net.


Flow chart has been at the core of every illustration of processes. Gone are the days where you use Microsoft Word or Power-point to build up the work flow of a finance process you just streamlined. The web has tons of flow chart builder but none are better than Lucidchart. Lucidchart gives you a very simple and clean interface for you to create flowcharts to your heart's content. On the left sidebar are tools which will help you with your design. With its drag and drop mechanism, your entire flow will surely be completed within minutes. You are provided with a few document export options such as PDF or image.


The thumb drive size that you have been carrying around in your pocket is 16 GB. Your Google Drive size is 15 GB. You have a video file on your office PC which needs editing which is about 20 GB. What do you do then? Thank for their standard 50 GB cloud storage when you sign up their free account. Mega also offers decryption key to better secure your file. When you are sharing your file, Mega gives you 3 sharing options; to send a link without key, send decryption key only or to include both the link and the decryption key. That's great cyber security option for you.

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