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12 Essential Tips For Increasing Productivity

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

by Pete Fullard from the thought paper - "Better Managers, Better Business"

People are unquestionably a business’s most important asset in determining its future success. The potential for greater productivity per head is always there but how do we tap into it successfully without alienating, exploiting, and losing our people? Our success depends entirely on how much effort we invest in understanding and responding to our people’s real needs as much as our own. Here are recommendations to increase productivity:

1. Act in real time

If we want our people to be more productive, we must act now and decisively. Never mind about tomorrow’s leaders and managers – what about today’s? Strive to understand them better, engage with them as equals, inspire purpose, encourage development, provide motivation and practical coaching to help them achieve more than they ever thought possible.

2. Cumulative marginal gains

Instead of trying to make an instantaneous quantum leap in your people’s productivity overnight, apply the principle of marginal gains theory. Plan and implement small but significant improvements in every aspect of your business that will have a positive impact upon your people’s daily working lives. The cumulative effect of this investment will get noticed, be appreciated, and rewarded in productivity benefits

3. Become a purpose-driven organisation