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Course Details

Bring IT to your workspace

To build confidence in employee and any individual to be competent in using applications on smart devices, going digital at workplaces, using digital and digitized content at the workplace

Designed to help our Employers:

  • Equip the workforce and management team with the right mindset

  • Impart skills on technological changes to the workplace

  • Take advantage of new opportunities in the future economy.

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Benefit from in-house or Group Training arrangements

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Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives
To be aware of the type of jobs in the future economy and how the future workplace will be like working in a digital workplace

This knowledge affects business decisions and approaches. 

Changes the way current operations are run or to be built. Develops the ability for your team to identify opportunities, or challenges early.

To be able to work in a technology-rich environment; apply frequently used mobile apps in their daily life and work environment; and be aware of the importance of cyber security in the digital environment.

Integration and Familiarity will be the key factors going into a technology-rich environment.

As the future workforce strives close and closer towards this angle

It is invaluable to have your workforce be engaged in this Digitalization Journey.


Understand how data and information can be used effectively in business for higher productivity and make good business decisions

Understand the fundamental difference between Digitization & Digitalization

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Many SNEF Employers from different industries have sent either thousands or hundreds

of their staff at all levels and benefited from the

$650 (funding subsidy) for each of their SG/SPR staff


Your team and human assets must start to plug-in, the government, future workforce, new and global business opportunities are hurtling towards digitalization. Your workforce and management team must be able to operate in a technology-rich environment.

Don't be left behind.

Start with baby steps to engage and integrate this into your workforce.

Course Fee

Amount payable after training grant:

Full fees : S$700.00

Training grant : S$650.00

$50.00 Nett

(inclusive of GST)

Exclusive to employers whose Staff are Singaporeans or Permanent Residents (PR) of Singapore ​

Absentee Payroll Funding is also applicable!

Absentee Payroll : 80% of hourly basic salary, capped at $4.50 per hour.

Enhanced absentee payroll funding available at 80% of hourly basic salary capped at $7.50/hr 

Absentee Payroll can only be claimed up to 17 hours


Duration : 2 days, 8.30am to 6.30pm (18 hours)

Funding Details

In order to enjoy the funding, participants need to fulfill the following requirements:


1. Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents (PR) of Singapore


2. Attain 100% course attendance


3. Participant has not enjoyed funding for the same course before


4. Successfully complete assessment



Take Advantage of Group / In-House Training Arrangemets



SNEF is able to customise the course for group training under employer-sponsored, with a minimum class size. Training can be held at company’s premise, subjected to terms and conditions.

Course Fee

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Evaluation from Participants

Don't be left behind. Start with small steps, engage your workforce in your own Digitalization Journey.

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